10-10-22: EPSILON RH: Digital work card

85% of all companies that participated in the phase HASof the implementation have chosen Epsilon RH applications

The digital work cardthe most important labor reform with a considerable impact on the daily life of thousands of employees and companies, was gradually implemented from 1/7/22 in a special group of large companies and will be fully applied in companies participating in phase A on 1/11/2022.

More than 120,000 employees of companies participating in phase A’ (all Banking Establishments & Super Markets with more than 250 employees) have already adapted their operations. They electronically submit the start-end working time of their employees physically present on the company’s premises, daily and in real time, to the ERGANI information system. The new legislation will be gradually implemented in phase B to all businesses across the country, with the critical first step being the completion of their employee census process before 30/11/2022, in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation for the new Digital working time.

EPSILON HRmember of the EPSILON NET Group, SSII leader in Payroll, human resources and time tracking systemssupports the vast majority of Greek companies, taking care of the payroll calculation for more than 1,800,000 employees in the private sector. It is to highlight that 85% of all companies that participated in phase A of the implementation (51 companies) have chosen and are already using Epsilon HR applications for digital job card and integration with payroll system and ERGANI information system.

As an indication, these companies include:
• almost all Supermarkets in the country (AB VASSILOPOULOS, MASOUTIS, KRITIKOS, MARKET IN, GALAXIAS, etc.), and
• the majority of financial institutions, including two of the four banking institutions (PIRAEUS BANK & ALPHA BANK)

The global solutions offered by EPSILON HR allow interconnectivity with the ERGANI information systemso that employee data is sent in real time, while introducing a All-in-one solution who ensures the digital work card integration with computer systems:

  • Timing
  • Human Resource Management
  • Pay of each company (or of the affiliated accountant)

EPSILON NET Grouplike a catalyst for the digital transformation of Greek companies, continuously invests in advanced technologies and provides a series of complete solutions to meet the most demanding needs of modern professionals and businesses. With EPSILON HR leader in Payroll, Accounting and Human Resources Management (HRM) systems, the Group is a leader in the IT sector, once again offering the most innovative solutions for this major reform of the digital work cardwith an increased sense of responsibility and innovation.

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