3D manufacturing policy: target of 500 parts by 25

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) aims to increase India’s share of global additive manufacturing to 5% over the next three years, in hopes it could likely add $1 billion to gross domestic product by then.

In line with the National Strategy for Additive Manufacturing, by 2025 India will aim to achieve certain targets such as 50 India-specific technologies for materials, machinery and software, 100 new start-ups for additive manufacturing, 500 new products. In total, MeitY hopes that these new startups and opportunities will provide jobs for at least 1 lakh new skilled workers over the next three years.

“We have taken very clearly defined objectives in this strategy…”, IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw said when releasing the strategy document.
3D printing or additive manufacturing uses computer-aided design to make prototypes or working models of objects by depositing successive layers of materials such as plastic, resin, thermoplastic, metal, fiber or fiber. ceramic. Using software, the model to be printed is first developed by the computer, which then gives instructions to the 3D printer.

In its national strategy, MeitY suggested that to get ahead in the field of additive manufacturing or 3D printing, India needs to adopt it across all sectors, including defense and public sectors. An umbrella body of subject matter experts and leaders from local and global industries could be created to lead the mission.

The Indian Express had first reported in December 2020 that the Ministry of Computing was preparing a national policy on promoting 3D printing on an industrial scale and helping domestic companies to “overcome technical and economic hurdles”. so that they can build support and ancillary facilities for world leaders in technology, such as the United States and China.

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