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Four years after their book “Make Disruption Work”, Alexandra Jankovich and Tom Voskes, managing partners of SparkOptimus, have teamed up again to publish a sequel: “Disruption in Action”.

In Make Disruption Work, published in 2018, the authors presented a hands-on, hands-on guide to unlocking the value of digital transformation. The book focuses on the “why” and “how” parts of digital disruption, and highlights the case for digital and the steps leaders can take to achieve an agile, data-driven organization, including methodologies for success and lessons learned from pioneers.

Fast forward to 2022, and Jankovich and Voskes have pulled the latest insights from the rapidly changing world of digital – as well as lessons learned from their own research and hands-on experience – to launch a refreshed sequel.

“Disruption in Action shows how to face digital disruption and win,” explained Jankovich, who co-founded digital strategy consultancy SparkOptimus with Voskes (both previously worked at McKinsey).

The book begins by explaining why the majority of digital transformations still tend to fail (despite all the investment), helping leaders identify some of the areas of focus when setting out to launch a major IT transformation program, build a digital innovation hub or complete a major digital-focused acquisition.

“One of the key things that we find in our work – and present in the book – is that the main problem is actually not digital – it’s about serving customers better and adapting operations to use digital as a means to that end,” Jankovich said.

Additionally, “the hardest part of change isn’t the technology,” Voskes added, “it’s actually the people — which means shifting mindsets, reorganizing silos, engaging global operations leaders, and coordinating the transformation of thousands of people while continuing to run the business.. This is where the real complexity lies.

Providing real-life examples of how to navigate the landscape, Disruption in Action walks through the digital transformation journeys of seven companies, guiding readers through their end-to-end transition from high-level strategy to operational details. . Voskes: “It gives business leaders an insider’s perspective on how to master disruption.”

“Using a fictional approach, we dig deep into what really happens on digital projects – covering not only the technology, but also the human side, including mistakes, breakthroughs and interpersonal dynamics that typical case studies obscure” , Jankovich said.

Following an early release (the official launch is September 28) to a select group of CEOs, reactions to the book have been largely positive. Mark Schneider, CEO of Nestlé, noted how the book provides “exceptional insights into how businesses can transform to prepare for the future”, while Wolters Kluwer CEO Nancy McKinstry said: ” If you want to see how to make disturbances work, this book has plenty of answers.

Dolf van den Brink, CEO of Heineken, meanwhile praised the authors for their “tremendous in-depth know-how” in the digital realm.

Get your copy: ‘Disruption in Action’ can be ordered from the Managementbook website.

Disruption in Action is co-authored by award-winning author Adrian Hornsby (best known for the books ‘The Chinese Dream’ and ‘The Good Analyst’), who has also supported Make Disruption Work.

Since its inception, SparkOptimus has supported over 350 clients in 25 countries, helping them build their digital capabilities, launch digital innovations and scale their digital projects. The company operates with 3 offices across Europe and has won numerous recognitions for its work.

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