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In an effort to prepare undergraduate students to gain real exposure in work environments and to help them develop the skills and competencies needed to stand out and excel in today’s highly competitive workplaces, Saegis Campus offers guaranteed industry placements in all of its MOE-approved degree programs under the interest-free scheme. Student Loan Scheme (IFSL).

Recognized as one of the leading higher education institutions located in the heart of Colombo, Saegis Campus understands the crucial importance of this aspect as evidenced by various regional and global employer surveys. It goes beyond just first-hand experience in the real world of work to also give undergraduate students a better understanding of the career trajectory for their desired job title.

Some of the workplaces where students can get internships include SLT-Mobitel, DirectPay, PayMedia, Epic Technology Group, Royal Ceramic Lanka PLC, Prosoft, Manjari, Revo to name a few.

The benefits that students receive even before they graduate are extremely valuable. It helps in building professional relationships and networking, developing good interpersonal skills, dealing with various challenges and situations, discovering their strengths and weaknesses, and determining if this is the right career path to pursue. in the future. It also makes it easy for potential employers to notice and see if any of them might be a good fit for them.

Introduced by the Sri Lankan Government for students who passed their Advanced Level Examination between 2018 and 2020, the programs offered under the IFSL program at the Saegis Campus include Bachelor of Business Management (Hons) with specializations in marketing, HRM and accounting and finance, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Honors BSc (BSc (Hons)) in Computer Science, Software Engineering and Computer Science, and Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT).

One can be assured of receiving the best possible learning experience with emerging and contemporary curricula, taught by its diverse and renowned lecture panel, and the state-of-the-art facilities such as free Wi-Fi, modern computer lab, language laboratory, library, relaxation lounge, spacious and air-conditioned digital amphitheatres, cafeteria, sports and recreational activities, among others.

Saegis Campus continues to strengthen the career orientation of students, organizing numerous personality development activities, free English lessons, a Leo Club and a Rotaract Club, and also providing additional academic support.

Saegis Campus will guide and support students in their applications to these study programs recognized by UGC under the program. The MOE web portal for applications will close by 15 February 2022 and the academic year for IFSL 6th admission will start in June 2022. For further information please contact 0770430000 or visit www.saegis.

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