Carlisle councilors will receive an update on flood risk management work

Councilors are expected to receive an update on flood risk management work in Carlisle.

The Carlisle City Council Square Committee will meet on Thursday October 13 and members of the Environment Agency have been invited to the meeting.

A report will be given to councilors on the Environment Agency’s work on its flood risk management strategy in Carlisle.

Phases one and two of the general flood risk management program have been completed, along with additional work at Rickerby, Gosling Syke, new flood warning areas and the Old Laundry culvert.

The presentation of the EA will explain the work to be carried out in the short, medium and long term.

Short-term works, due to take place over the next five years, include flood mitigation at Low Crosby and Etterby Terrace. Phase 1b of the overall risk management strategy is ongoing and is expected to be completed during this period.

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Medium-term works will include a Caldew and long-term flood risk management program, works at the River Eden as well as a climate change strategy.

New flood warning areas include Parham Beck and Warwick Bridge.

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