Eve announces Thread and Matter update schedule for its product line

Eve, the maker of premium Apple HomeKit smart home gadgets for home security, energy and lighting, has been leading the charge on the new Matter standard for some time now, especially its core Thread protocol. As one of the first device makers to launch Thread-based products, Eve just announced its tenth device to get the promised hardware upgrade – the Eve Room Indoor Air Quality Monitor at 99 , $ 99.

With nearly half of its existing products now Thread-ready and Matter-ready, the company is shifting its focus to the rest of its portfolio. Jérôme Gackel, CEO of Eve Systems, confirmed The edge that Eve will launch a Thread-compatible Eve Water Guard (a leak detector) in February 2022 and an Eve Flare (a portable light) in March; and threaded versions of the Eve Light Switch (a wired wall switch) and Eve Motion (a motion sensor) will follow shortly. Both of these products get more than just a new radio, however, both will have a whole new design, says Gackel. The new Eve Motion will include a light sensor (a digital light sensor).

Eve Room – an indoor air quality monitor with an E Ink display – is the latest Eve product to receive a hardware upgrade to Thread.
Image: Eve’s House

The company is also entering a whole new product category – smart shades. Eve MotionBlinds are intelligent rechargeable battery-powered motors for Coulisse shades. They’ll launch in January and be HomeKit certified, use a Thread radio, and upgrade to Matter when the standard launches.

Eve is committed to upgrading all of its existing compatible devices to Matter when the standard is expected to arrive in June 2022, starting with its U.S. Eve Energy smart plug and Eve Motion and Eve Door & Window sensors. The second rollout will cover its switches (US and EU versions), the Eve Thermo radiator valve in the fall and Eve Weather, Eve Room and Eve Energy (UK and Australian editions) in late 2022.

That just leaves the company’s interior camera out of the Thread part (at least when it comes to its US products). The Eve Cam works over Wi-Fi, which is supported by Matter, but the cameras are not yet part of the Matter specification.

Eve Weather is one of ten products from Eve that have already received the hardware upgrade to Thread, along with Eve Aqua, Eve Door & Window sensor, and Eve Energy smart plug.
Image: Eve’s House

However, like Gackle first said to Stacey Higginbotham, some customers may not want to rush to Matter on departure. “It is a reality that when Matter launches it will not immediately support all the features of devices from all manufacturers,” said Gackel. The edge. “In time, it will come. So, if a user specifically uses an Eve device for the X, Y, or Z feature, they should confirm that it will be supported when Matter starts up, or optionally choose to stay on HomeKit through Thread until they get it. (X, Y or Z function) is supported in the near future. Gackel says he’s confident that all features will be supported on Matter over time.

Eve says her move from Bluetooth to Thread has already been “a spectacular success” for the company, helping to improve the speed, range, reliability and battery life of its sensors. “We’ve had around 5,000+ emails from happy customers telling us how good it is now,” says Gackel.

And while Thread devices require a border router (like a HomePod Mini) to communicate with each other, Gackel is confident that these will quickly become ubiquitous. “We believe that more and more Wi-Fi routers will integrate Thread directly, like with Eero today,” he says.

To date, Eve has been an Apple HomeKit option only because of the company’s commitment not to use a cloud-based system. It didn’t mean any integration with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, or Samsung SmartThings. Also, no Android support. With Matter, Eve can branch out without giving up her fundamentals of privacy first, without the cloud, because the new smart home standard is an all-local protocol.

With Matter, the connection to Alexa and Google will be local and will not require cloud-to-cloud communication. “So we’ll keep that uniqueness of privacy,” Gackel says. “Matter is a clear game-changer in the smart home. In 2022, when a product is Matter certified, you have the guarantee that it works seamlessly with the four major platforms – Google, Apple, Amazon and Samsung – and with any smartphone in the hands of the consumer. .

Eve is already working on compatibility with Samsung, SmartThings, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home, and Gackel says he’s been selected by each company for their early adoption program. Currently, Eve’s app only works on iPhones. Gackel says the company is still in the process of determining whether to develop an Android app or whether integration with Matter will be sufficient to make its products accessible to all smart home users, not just those who have smart-home iPhones. ‘Apple.

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