Even though inflation is at its highest level in decades, the small businesses working there

KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) – There’s plenty of economic trouble today as a new report shows inflation at its highest level in 41 years. Many at home are feeling it, as are those running small businesses.

It’s just another hurdle that some owners do their best to overcome.

For Ann-Marie Bruner, the economic roller coaster of recent years has forced her to do one thing: be positive.

I think we’re finally getting to a place where, ‘OK, we can navigate,’” Bruner said.

She and her husband own Powerprint Tees in Killeen, a business they have operated for over 25 years.

Since the pandemic, they had to close their doors, look for business, and then supply chain shortages led to the search for products. Now they have the product and are facing inflation.

“Now for us, personally. Obviously the supplies, everything we buy has gone up,” Bruner said.

New reports show that consumer prices have climbed to a 41 years tallwhich worries economists.

“(The report) kind of gives you a ‘wow, that’s amazing.’ You know, danger Will Robinson, something of that nature,” Rob Tennant said. “That doesn’t mean it’s Sharknado, but it doesn’t mean it’s Rosey’s time either.

Tennant, an assistant professor of accounting at Texas A&M University Central Texas, said these were high levels of inflation that may not come down too much soon. But the economy is going through a very complex period.

“Some of the levers move unpredictably,” Tennant said. “Things can get better or worse very quickly.”

As it is now, people are feeling the brunt of the economic turmoil, the lower to middle class.

Tennant’s advice: keep some extra cash and make plans on how to spend it if emergencies arise in the near future.

“That’s what you have to do in the event of a nuclear attack. I know what it looks like, this is what it looks like, but no,” Tennant said. “You’ve probably noticed that I often say ‘it could happen’. Because there are so many moving parts.

And that’s what Bruner and his team at Powerprint Tees are doing, just working on the problems.

“I don’t know. It’s one of those moments where you put your head down and move on,” Bruner said. “And hopefully we’ll come out the other side in a better position.”

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