fewocious: NFT artist FEWOCiOUS sells digital artwork worth $20 million as NFT in 24 hours

Victor Langlois is currently considered one of the most prominent NFT artists of all time at just 19 years old. He offered collectors to buy as many digital paintings as possible during the 24-hour event.

Victor Langlois, who is popularly recognized as FEWOCiOUS started selling his work two years ago. Nevertheless, this week, in a limited 24-hour period, he sold around $20 million in NFTs. This is the third highest sale ever by Nifty Gateway.

A total of 5,000 shoppers took advantage of the 24-hour period to purchase FEWOCiOUS signature-style digital paintings, which appeared to resemble tiny drops of brightly colored paint.

Langlois is currently creating a digital universe or metaverse-style world, known as FewoWorld. The current highly successful sale of the “Paint Drop” artwork is just the start of great things to follow.

The artist says more details will be released about his metaverse-like world FewoWorld, which consists of small NFT characters called “Fewos.” Langlois states that each of his NFT paintings will be associated with a number of “paints” that make up FewoWorld. The funds will be used to explore ways Langlois can increase creativity at FewoWorld, such as hiring more team members.

Painting nights will continue to be hosted by the artist, where he will offer collectors of his NFTs the opportunity to paint any subject they choose. The FEWOCiOUS “Paint Drop” sale created a solid foundation to build something better and bigger. To date, Langlois has achieved sales of approximately $50 million worth of artwork over a one-year period.

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