Is being able to use a toilet still a dream for some in Millennium City?

Lack of toilets in the company causes staff to defecate in the open


  • The whole area of ​​Sector 83 has only one toilet, next to the locality pump room for officials – security guards, housekeeping staff, horticultural staff, housekeepers and others working in the area. the society.
  • The toilets available are shared toilets for men and women.
  • Due to the unavailability of senior officials from Enviro’s office (parent organization), other officials in post did not say anything in this regard.

Residents and workers of the newly built company, Vatika India Next in Gurgaon, face huge problems due to the inability of management to build enough toilets. The Vatika project encompasses sectors 81, 82, 82A, 83, 84 and 85.

According to Himshikha Gupta, one of the members of the Resident Welfare Association (RWA), the entire area of ​​Sector 83 has only one bathroom, next to the local pump room for civil servants – agents. security, maintenance staff, horticultural staff, maids and other people working in the company. Security guards in the K block of the area do not have any facilities to use as the toilets are far away.
“So guards, get out in the open and defecate,” she added.
There are other toilets present, but they are inside different apartments in the area.

She also added that after a long chase with the maintenance office, the wardens in Block K were allowed to use the toilet in the next apartment – City Homes. Getting the job done and building toilets for everyone is still a long process, and Enviro’s pace of work is tough right now.

The company’s toilets are clean and have a good washing facility, said a group of women who cut grass in the community. But there are so many workers and only one bathroom.

When asked if there were separate toiletries for men and women, they denied and said there was only one shared bathroom. We have been working here for 7-8 years, but we have nothing to complain about as our work is not permanent. We are here now, don’t know where we will be tomorrow, it depends on our head, so there is no point in complaining. We have an eight hour shift; we do the work and go back to our homes.

One of the women in the group added, “The work we do is like working on a farm, so there is no point in waiting for a separate toilet here. There is no more space in the area where a toilet could be built. Everywhere we see there are buildings, so there is no space for the toilet. “

The government launched Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in 2014 to eradicate open defecation. Lack of space in urban slums and lack of awareness were among the factors hampering the program. But witnessing such a problem in the millennial city of India is disheartening.

A resident of the company living in block k mentioned that there was an open lot next to her apartment. “Once I was standing on my balcony and saw one of the security guards walking towards the empty property. He walked inside and started urinating in the corner. I walked into my room. apartment at the time. I am not a permanent tenant here so I did not feel the need to lodge a complaint, “she said.

Some security guards who have toilets nearby have no problem with the company. Others have to go to the pumping station, go to nearby markets, other apartments or open. Those left behind believe that there is no point in complaining when the organization doesn’t feel the need to create a toilet.
However, no security guard explicitly mentioned going out into the open.

Due to the unavailability of senior officials from Enviro’s office (parent organization), other officials in post did not say anything in this regard.

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