KOC rewards Halliburton’s digital work

Kuwait Oil Co. (KOC) awarded a contract to Halliburton to expand digital media to the northern Kuwait asset.

Halliburton has not disclosed the value of the award. The company said it would help speed up the data-to-decision cycle for KOC. This will involve the design and operation of digital twins to automate work processes.

The US service company will provide DecisionSpace 365, a cloud-based subscription service for E&P, to support this work.

The cloud service will help KOC engineers “model, optimize and deploy intelligent work processes to plan, forecast and optimize production and asset operations.”

Halliburton’s senior vice president of Landmark service Nagaraj Srinivasan praised the work with KOC on digital transformation.

The contract “will build on our previous work to increase reservoir recovery and production. By using cloud computing, IoT and real-time technologies to develop new ways of working, we can improve production planning and scheduling and enable optimization of virtual and autonomous reservoirs, ”he said. he declares.

Kuwait launched its Kuwait Integrated Digital Field (KwIDF) in 2009 and work has grown since. KwIDF was developed in-house, with the aim of monitoring the country’s fields from a central location.

Halliburton has signed a number of agreements to provide DecisionSpace 365 to businesses. These include Pertamina, Petronas and Neptune Energy in 2020.

The American International Trade Association has indicated that Kuwait aims to digitize 80% of its oil fields by the end of 2021.

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