Payoneer to provide working capital to Walmart Marketplace sellers

The relationship helps support small businesses with resources to meet growing demand and fuel growth

NEW YORK, December 07, 2021– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Payoneer (NASDAQ: PAYO), the business technology company fueling payments and growth for the new global economy, has announced a new working capital offering for Walmart US Marketplace sellers. Payoneer will now offer extended Payoneer Capital Advance to third-party Walmart Marketplace sellers on The program helps support the growth of Walmart sellers by offering a choice of three types of working capital offerings that meet different business needs. These instant cash flow solutions help sellers grow by expanding into different product categories, preparing for peak seasons, expanding into new markets and more.

During the holiday season, access to working capital is especially crucial for online sellers. Since Capital Advance is tied to the market income of Walmart sellers, collection is gradual, allowing them to maintain sufficient funds for their day-to-day operations, while taking advantage of opportunities to inject capital into their business at the time. where it matters most.

“Affordable working capital is more important than ever to help our salespeople grow their businesses,” said Tomas Ponce De Leon, senior director of strategic market programs at Walmart. “Our relationship with Payoneer provides sellers access to several capital advance programs to meet their business needs. “

Payoneer now offers three flexible capital advance programs, allowing sellers to choose the settlement period and terms that best suit their business needs:

  • Express capital advance – a short-term solution, with settlements over one month

  • Growth capital advance – a medium-term solution, offering sellers access to more funds with a payment period of 3 months

  • Capital Advance Plus – a longer-term solution, providing even more capital with a settlement period of 6 months

“While accessing working capital is not a new challenge for e-commerce vendors, we have seen unprecedented supply chain and logistics disruptions coupled with rapid changes in demand, making it harder than ever for sellers to manage cash flow and plan ahead, ”said Scott Galit, CEO of Payoneer. “We quickly recognized the situation and worked to expand Capital Advance to provide approved online sellers with instant access to the capital they need to reinvest in their business and the ability to choose on terms that suit their needs. We are proud to continue to build on our relationship with Walmart, rolling out the expanded cash advance offering to their sellers. “

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About Payoneer

Payoneer is the global partner of choice for digital commerce, everywhere. From borderless payments to unlimited growth, Payoneer promises any business, in any market, the technology, connections and confidence to participate and thrive in the new global economy.

Since 2005, Payoneer has imagined and designed a truly global ecosystem so that the whole world can realize its potential. Driving the growth of clients ranging from aspiring entrepreneurs in emerging markets to the world’s largest digital brands like Airbnb, Amazon, Google, Upwork and Walmart, Payoneer offers a world of opportunities available to you.

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