Private teachers still receive half their salary

Hyderabad: Private school teachers still get half their salary, with only one month left for the new school year to begin. During the last school year, many students from private schools were admitted to public schools. For this reason, teachers were given the burden of fulfilling admissions goals.

According to private teachers, about 60% of them receive only half a salary. This forced many of them to opt for other jobs. They say many private school principals have given them admissions goals; if they are not fulfilled, they will not receive a salary. Teachers allege that even during summer vacation, they are forced to commute in the scorching sun to meet the admissions target. Because of this pressure, many were forced out of their jobs.

On condition of anonymity, a private school teacher said: “During the pandemic, we used to get half pay; it was understandable; but now everything is normal; our salaries are still not Principals say many students have not paid tuition fees our salaries have not been restored If there is an improvement in admissions in the next academic year, salaries will be increased.

“As a breadwinner, I face challenges. Another burden is with admissions goals; management threatens us with not paying May salaries if we can’t secure admissions.”

Anil (name changed), a private teacher, said “slowly everything is on the right track, but the private teachers are still struggling. Wages are not yet restored; the schools set conditions so that we can reach the admission goal (every week at least two-three admissions that we should obtain). We are also forced to work weekends. We are not marketers; every morning we are supposed to visit various settlements; in the afternoon, we have to call the parents for admissions. Every day we are work from 8am to 6pm.” “Private schools have always violated state government standards that only class 10 teachers should come to schools. But they force all teachers to come regularly to get admissions.”

Shabbir Ali, Chairman of the Telangana Private Teachers Forum (TPTF), said, “Many teachers are forced to do odd jobs due to half their salary. If teachers are unable to meet admissions goals, their work will not be continued in the next school year. A teacher’s job is to educate children, not to gain admissions. It will be better for the Ministry of Education to take action against those private schools that force teachers to get admissions.

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