Remove your toilet if you want a reduction in property tax

Our billionaire Republican Governor Bruce Rauner admits he can’t run the state, but he still wants your vote.

He spent $ 100 million of his own money on his campaigns. It’s a stupid change for a guy like Rauner.

His multi-billion dollar Democratic opponent, JB Pritzker, has invested more than $ 100 million of his own money in his campaign for governor. It would also appear to be meaningless money, based on Pritzker’s estimated $ 4 billion personal fortune.


Yet we do know that the toilets were removed from a mansion purchased by Pritzker in an attempt to have the building declared uninhabitable. According to a Cook report of the county inspector general, this small move saved her over $ 300,000 in property taxes over three years.

Pritzker, who claims to be a reformer, blames the property tax system for its toilet drain, inferring that the legal loopholes for the wealthy are so great they are simply irresistible.

“I’ve always said there are loopholes in the property tax system,” Pritzker said. “We followed the rules.

These rules were put in place by powerful Illinois politicians, both Republicans and Democrats, to help their wealthy friends while placing the burden of funding public education on the backs of working class families.

Property taxes are the primary method of funding Illinois public schools. This is because this state, unlike every other state in the nation, has not done its fair share to fund education.

For decades, politicians have blamed local school boards for this and teachers for asking for salary increases, health insurance and pensions.

When the state failed to adequately fund the teachers’ pension system and even borrowed money from it, many politicians again blamed teachers or remained silent while others did their dirty work. in their place.

Meanwhile, many of those same politicians, many of whom are Democrats, created a property tax system so complicated, so full of legal loopholes, that lawyers made their fortune by appealing property tax assessments to the government. name of companies and high net worth individuals.

To make sure no one messed up this system mess, Cook County Democrats installed their party leader as an assessor to enforce a system that was ethically and morally corrupt.

The schoolchildren suffered. People who find it difficult to keep their homes have suffered. People trying to make a meager profit on a family business have been forced to close their doors. Seniors on fixed incomes were forced to sell the homes they had lived in for decades.

But I’m not going to blame guys like Rauner and Pritzker, or even Speaker of the House Michael Madigan.

Despite all the evidence that the rich and powerful have manipulated the property tax system and treated schoolchildren like political pawns, the people of Illinois have decided to turn to billionaires to rule the state.

In my experience, most Illinois residents still don’t understand that about 67% of the cost of education is paid through property taxes. They didn’t bother to research how Illinois ended up with the most discriminatory and economically unfair school funding system in the country.

Pritzker’s switcheroo with the toilet seats to lower his property tax bill is simply symbolic of how power brokers have ignored, abused, and thrown at this state’s children and homeowners.

It’s not a secret. Politicians from both parties, including gubernatorial candidates, repeatedly slap each other in the chest saying they will reform the system when they stand for election. But the point is, they love the system as it is. It works for them and their friends.

You’ll remove the toilet from your own home to lower your property tax bill before politicians make any significant changes.

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