SAP nears launch of Digital Work Zone for HR

SAP is heading towards the planned release of Work Zone for HR, which provides access to business tools, information and communications through a single user experience.

Announced in June, Work Zone for HR can be used across the organization to integrate the use of disparate systems. Rather than switching between apps while they’re doing their jobs, it allows users to access more tools and information from one place.

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Even though the Covid-19 pandemic continues to stress employers and employees, or perhaps because of it, SAP SuccessFactors believes its experience-driven approach to human resources management remains important. Organizations need help tackling engagement and efficiency in an increasingly dispersed and pressured workplace to perform.

In a blog postSuccessFactors Senior Vice President of Product and Design Amy Wilson said the employee experience is hampered when users have to juggle multiple apps. SAP research indicates that 74% of employees believe their work experience would improve if they had better technology, she said.

Since launching its human experience management approach in 2019, SuccessFactors has argued that HCM systems work best when they are truly intuitive and showcase their capabilities in the workflow.

Custom work area

Wilson described Work Zone for HR as a “personalized digital workspace” where users can access everything they need to do their jobs and customize it according to their priorities.

In addition to the SuccessFactors modules, Work Zone can connect solutions from partner applications and the SAP ecosystem. It also allows users to customize their dashboards so that they can organize components according to their approach to work. The system also presents content and information on a personalized basis.

Work Zone for HR aims to improve collaboration and learning by simplifying access to peer resources and smart recommendations, as well as community and affinity groups.

The product premiered in October and will generally be available on November 20, Wilson said.

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