T20 World Cup: ICC issues stern warning to all team management

Dubai: The International Cricket Council (ICC) has placed responsibility for any bio-bubble violation during the T20 World Cup on the management of the respective teams, but warned them they should “take it very seriously”. A detailed plan has been sent to each team participating in the upcoming T20 World Cup which will be played in the United Arab Emirates and Oman from qualifying starting October 17.Also Read – Indian Strength & Conditioning Coach Nick Webb To Leave After T20 Men’s World Cup

With a good understanding of participant expectations now established, ICC has placed team management responsibility on each team to ensure that all expectations are met in a timely manner. Read also – 2021 T20 World Cup: Hardik Pandya, Ravi Ashwin to Suryakumar Yadav; Top stars who might not be in India’s XI vs Pakistan

“The ICC sent a detailed plan to each nation participating in the T20 World Cup, with a good understanding of the expectations of the participants now established. He has placed the responsibility on managing the team of each squad to ensure that expectations are met. Also read – Want to watch 2021 World Cup match India vs Pakistan T20 in stadium? This vessel may have sailed

“We are working so that there are no breaches. If people understand the rules and know that maintaining discipline is the answer to this problem and means we won’t have issues that will disrupt the tournament or their own enjoyment – so I don’t anticipate it – if it There is a breach which is a matter for the management of this team and we expect them to treat it very seriously, ”said Alex Marshall, ICC Integrity Officer, Thursday.

Detailing the protocols, ICC said in a statement that players arriving for the tournament will go through six days of isolation during which they will undergo three Covid-19 tests to ensure that no one entering the next step of the process. is infected.

“After these six days, participants are transferred to a managed event environment for the duration of the tournament, subject to periodic testing. All participants in the event were fully vaccinated, ”the ICC said in a statement.

With approximately 2,000 people – including broadcasters, staff and players – expected to participate in the tournament and many of those entering managed environments, the ICC has created a “safe from a physical health point of view.” and mental ”.

Marshall said the ICC has spoken to people involved in overseeing biosafety at major international events, such as the Tokyo Olympics, Formula 1, Euro 2020 and IPL 2021.

“We talked to the people who oversaw the biosecurity for the Tokyo Olympics, we talked to Formula 1, to the Euros, of course, to the IPL that has been going on locally for the last few weeks here, and there has had a lot of bilateral cricket talks from which a lot of learning has come, “Marshall said.” We took good advice.

With players, broadcasters, and staff entering bubble environments, ICC is making mental health and wellness a priority.

“A psychologist will be available 24 hours a day for anyone looking for him, while other steps are taken to make the bubble an environment as pleasant as possible. We are aware that this (bubble) raises mental health and well-being issues for all participants, ”said Marshall.

“We have learned these lessons from Tokyo, from cricket elsewhere in the world, from the euros, and we will make sure to really take care of the people who are here and we recognize that some of them have seen a little too many bubbles and will feel the There are a number of things we do, including making materials available to people, giving them access to psychological support if they need it.

“On a day-to-day basis, making sure that the environment remains friendly and enjoyable for them and it is clear that we care about them and will make sure to take care of them throughout the event,” said Marshall.

He said a recipient who tests positive will go into isolation for 10 days, while close contacts will have to undergo six days of isolation. “Speaking of all the other world events, we should expect to get positive tests,” Marshall said.

“When a person is confirmed as a positive test, they will be referred to the Scientific Advisory Panel on Biosafety for guidance from them. But in layman’s terms, someone who is confirmed to be positive will self-isolate for 10 days and someone who is defined as close contact, which is very close physical contact for more than 15 minutes without wearing a mask, then that no one will self-isolate for six days, “he said.

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