The Richmond Children’s Trade Fair is on Sunday

RICHMOND, Va. — They might be some of the smallest business owners in the neighborhood, but they have big ideas and they’re ready to show off their work.

This weekend, dozens of Richmond students hope to wow customers and scoop up dough at the 5th Annual Richmond Children’s Trade Fair.

The event will feature 68 “kidpreneurs” selling their wares. From t-shirts, jewelry and cosmetics to artwork and books.

The Youth Business Exchange and the Metropolitan Business League are hosting the big event on Sunday at the Science Museum of Virginia.

Elijah Lee, who started the nonprofit Hear Our Voices, will be among them. His business is dedicated to empowering young people. He explains what he has won by participating in the Richmond Children’s Business Fair.

“I had the chance to learn so many things,” Lee said. “Not only about selling and communicating with customers, but I learned a lot about the businesses themselves and how there are so many young people who are changing, starting businesses and progressing. It’s also an opportunity to connect.”

Alexa Lightfoot is the Youth Entrepreneurship Programs Coordinator at the Metropolitan Business League. She knows the kids have worked hard to prepare for this weekend’s event.

“Gaining the experience of selling face-to-face with a customer and growing your customer base is really great for any business, so our young people are super excited,” Lightfoot said.

She says the day isn’t just about the money.

“I want them to sell themselves and know their product is loved and their business is loved in the community. I want them to leave knowing they did a great job and the community is supporting them. I want them to know that there are programs here and nonprofits that will support them,” Lightfoot added.

Youth Business Exchange Vice President CJ Walker hopes this year’s Richmond Children’s Trade Fair will inspire even more students to get involved.

While Sunday’s vendor list is full, Walker says there will be another registration in August for students looking to register for their 2023 event.

“Entrepreneurship involves being outside the box and this opportunity empowers our children to do just that,” Walker said. “They have a sense of accomplishment, so we urge the community to come out and support the kids. They’ve worked hard, despite the pandemic. They have a lot of amazing products and we want to celebrate them. That’s what this Richmond Children’s The trade fair is above all.”

The event is free and open to the public and runs from 1-4 p.m. on Sunday, March 13 at the Science Museum of Virginia.

Click here to learn more about future programs for young entrepreneurs with the Metropolitan Business League.

For more information on the Richmond Children’s Trade Fair, click this link.

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