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The number of credit cards has recently started going up. Although this does not in itself lead to a trend reversal as it would require more intensive growth, the credit card supply will remain in the future regardless of the number of cards. We looked at what are the best credit card deals on the market right now.


There have been countless publications on why a credit card is good

There have been countless publications on why a credit card is good

In addition to the previously PC húzóérvnek, interest-free spending on purchase transaction – which is available for repaying the entire debt by the deadline – what they were said so arguments that are specific to credit cards cashback, points collection or discounted purchase charged to the credit card, direct debit, a free scheduled repayment options , or highlighting the availability of cheap sustainable standby credit.

We’ve already written that you can get a low monthly fee (below $ 100) as a credit card and a cheaper annual fee compared to bank cards linked to a bank account. Credit card annual fees have been so low lately (especially since the introduction of the financial transaction tax) that it is much better to apply for a credit card as an embossed credit card than to have a debit card linked to your checking account!


An endless line of discounts

An endless line of discounts

There are some credit cards that offer a great deal of credit, which is good for those who only use their credit card for purchases and fully refund their spending by the monthly payment deadline.

Expect favorable Zebu Bank Zebu Café offering cashback credit card with an annual fee of $ 2,800, the monthly fee is $ 250th Now, as part of an action, until June 30, 2015, only half of the annual fee will be charged in the first year, no SMS from incoming card transactions, and the bank will release the account management fee for the first two months.

The Raizen Bank OneCard Credit Card gives you a 5 percent cash back on a quarterly basis in another priority category, a 3 percent return on purchases at any grocery, hyper or supermarket, and a 1 percent return on all other purchases and direct debits. Refunds are limited to a maximum of $ 10,000 per quarter. In addition, instant discounts of between 3% and 20% are available at several national merchants. The annual fee for your purchase and your credit card is free, with a monthly fee of $ 598.

A very special offer is the Detelem Club Card of Magyar Detelem Bank , which does not offer an outstanding refund – only 1 percent, but after every purchase, without limit – but in a trading partner called Detelem Klub , it is significant, between 5 and 15 percent. cardholders are offered a discount at many national retail chains and service providers. The $ 5,250 credit card will be accompanied by a $ 260 monthly fee.

Those who want to save on their heating costs can be offered the Tucapest Bank MAIN GAS Card , which gives the cardholder 6%. But no more than $ 3,300 monthly if he has a Retail Bank Account or Investment Card with Tucapest Bank, and with at least a monthly credit equivalent to the current minimum wage. In addition, for all other domestic or foreign purchases, 1% of the amount spent, but a maximum of $ 10,000 per month, is refunded.


Where direct debits also make money

Where direct debits also make money

At the end of this article, we’ll talk about banks where direct debits can be charged to at least one credit card type. Not only does this have the benefit of not having to deposit direct debit funds into your checking account, you can also pay them without a transaction fee, and even where there is a refund for credit card purchases, and even for direct debits.

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