Why so many Canadians are RVing now

Buying used does not exclude you from financing. Scotiabank, for example, will fund an RV under 12. Ask your financial institutions about the options.

Where do you want to go?

While a motorhome gives you the freedom of the road in exchange for the high price of gasoline, you also have a lot of freedom as to where you stop for the night. Provincial parks and national parks offer sites specifically for RV camping, often with hookups for water and electricity. And then there is a huge network of private parks across Canada. These parks offer a wide range of facilities, from the Cuban theme Havana Resort (it offers everything you would find in a Cuban all-inclusive) in Maricourt, QC; to the Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resorts in Ontario and Newfoundland, with water parks and mini-golf; and the most beautiful remote sites like Meat Cove Campground at the eastern tip of Cape Breton.

Camping fees vary, but in general you plan to spend between $ 30 and $ 40 a night to park in a campground. There are exceptions, however, says Gretzmacher of CanaDream. “I recently stayed at a campground in an old growth forest by the ocean in Tofino, BC, and paid $ 120 a night. Whistler is also expensive due to high demand, ”says Gretzmacher. Consider, however, that staying in a hotel or resort in Tofino or Whistler could cost a lot more.

It should be noted that some families camp on the same campsite for the duration of their stay, letting their children roam safely and enjoy all the amenities, while parents can relax. You don’t need to plan a big adventure with a lot of driving. Mahony estimates that 50% of Canadian-owned RVs are parked permanently at campsites, with owners going there for the summer or on weekends whenever they can.

Rent an RV

For our CanaDream motorhome trip, the total cost for a week at a glance Maxi motorhome which can accommodate up to four adults and two children (I travel with my husband, teenage daughter, and five and seven year old sons) costs $ 1,590 including taxes and insurance. Mileage of 100 kilometers per day is included, and the cost increases if you plan to drive more kilometers. We also get “Convenience Kits” at $ 95 per person, which means we don’t have to bring our bedding and kitchen equipment from home. We will pay for the additional $ 5 per day insurance that covers you in the event of broken mirrors or windows. (Be sure to check exactly what’s covered and what isn’t covered before signing a rental agreement, just like you would with a rental car.)

Because our motorhome has a full kitchen, I plan to cook most meals on board, hoping to save a lot of money. Eating out usually takes up a large chunk of our vacation budget, and frankly, I don’t like buying my kids meals that they don’t eat, so I can’t wait to save some money from this way. I’ll splurge on a lobster supper and treats along the way, but we’ll get the basics done before we go as the RV has a full size fridge and freezer.

There are other rental companies, national and local, so you can shop around. Another attractive rental option is peer-to-peer RVezy, which works like Airbnb but with campers, and you’ll find everything from huge Winnebagos to vintage Airstreams and adorable old-fashioned Boler trailers listed on their site. The cool thing about RVezy is that you will find people offering campers everywhere, not just in the big cities. They offer delivery to campsites, and often the price is lower as there is a wide variety of rentals available. The fees can be around 30-40% less than a conventional rental, says Michael McNaught, COO and President of RVezy. Insurance is also included in the rental price. “Another thing with RVezy is that campers are often fully equipped and have extras like DVDs and board games,” McNaught explains.

Wherever you choose to rent, be sure to educate yourself in advance about the company’s COVID cleaning procedures. In theory, motorhomes are a super safe vacation option right now. “You can even collect all your groceries before your trip and then you don’t need to interact with anyone except your family if you want,” explains Gretzmacher.

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